About Me

My name is Joanna Schimizzi (pronounced ska-meet-ze) and this is my ninth year teaching Biology.

A little background on me -- I am originally from Wilmington, NC but moved to Charlotte to double major in dance education and biology at UNC Charlotte. I attended UNCC on a full academic and arts scholarship and even studied bioinformatics for a semester in Denmark. I have a golden retriever and a wonderful husband. My last name is Italian and is pronounced (ska-meet-ze).

This year I will also work with Science Olympiad. For those of you who have a natural talent with science or just enjoying working as a team to solve problems, look into joining Science Olympiad and enriching your science experiences. We will begin meetings in September. Start looking on the NC Science Olympiad webpage to determine what events you'd be interested in.

Aren't you proud to be a part of the Patriot family? Parents and students -- follow the link below to find my Teacher Facebook page where we can communicate in real time!